Protect your kids from Online predators


In 2002 Alicia Kozakiewicz was walking on the street when she heard her name and the next thing she remembered was being held tight and forced into a car. The person who held her captive was a boy who managed to gain her trust, confidence, and love online through chatting for eight months. That boy was Scoot Tyree, an online child predator, convicted felon and an accused sadist. Alicia was driven to a home where she was kept in a basement and repeatedly raped, tortured and beaten. She was later rescued by the FBI. Continue reading

Suicide groups on Social media


untitled-design-5Suicide has increased in recent years and has become one of the leading causes of death amongst kids. There was a story reported in the and about the use of social media to maneuver kids into committing suicide through games.  This sinister social media craze sweeping through Eastern Europe has been accused of driving at least 130 normal young people to take their own lives in just six months. Continue reading

Be a cyber-parent with mSpy


Know, prevent and protect, is what the mSpy parental control app is all about. Its aim is to help parents and caretakers know the online lifestyle of their kids to enable them to make better decisions in preventing these kids from doing things that could be very disastrous to their lives and to assist parents to protect their kids from the online dangers the Internet comes with. Continue reading

Parenting the Generation Z Kid


Generation Z kids are kids born in the mid-90s to present. They were born into an era when the Internet is everything, smartphones are everywhere and lives are lived through apps. Some people refer to them as ‘The Silent Generation’, ‘The iGeneration’, ‘The Google Generation’ etc. Continue reading

Internet slangs every parent should know


Kids adapt a whole new language when chatting via instant messaging apps, texting and various chat rooms. A language filled with acronyms and abbreviations created for easy communication. Most of their slangs are camouflaged sex and drug terminologies.

Continue reading

Sexting – The thin line between private and public



Do you think the message you send privately remains private? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. You have no idea what the person who receives the message intends to do with it.

Sexting is the sending sexually suggestive messages or pictures via SMS, email, WhatsApp or any other social messaging apps. Continue reading

The 3W to secure your kids online

headerOnly 1 in 10 victims of cyberbullying informs a parent or trusted adult of their abuse.Say NO to cyberbullying of any form, stalking, sexting, gossiping, flaming, denigration outing or trickery.If there is a sudden change in your teen’s online activities, seems withdrawn or outraged without any visible reason, it could be a red flag of cyberbullying.

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Christmas with mSpy – Big Sale!

christmassaleThe Christmas season is one for fun, merrymaking and exchanging of gifts. Kids love Christmas. They have all sorts of wishes. Some real, some fantasies. Family plan all year round on where to go for the holidays, the parties they will organize. So do our young ones. They also have huge plans.

With all these plans for the Christmas, things can go terribly wrong in so many ways. And as a parent, you need to be in the know whatever your kids plan to do during this holiday period. Continue reading